About Community Development BOKS

Many have expressed frustration that they are often treating only the symptoms of disease and poverty. Seldom are they addressing root causes or the ignorance that causes sickness to proliferate in a community. Others lack food or clean drinking water simply because they do not know how to take advantage of basic no cost techniques that will filter their water and release the potential of their land. Compounding the problem is the  language barrier. The symptoms of people’s ignorance are frequently so overwhelming that little time or energy can be expended in the educational process. BOKS overcomes these barriers. It allows workers to leave behind culturally relevant teaching materials which target prevention and hopefully will alleviate much future suffering.

Dr. Daniel Fountain was a medical missionary in Africa for more than 35 years and leaves 21 sessions of BOKS teaching as a lifetime legacy of his work among the needy. BOKS has pooled together into a single package 36 such teachings on every topic from clean water to dental hygiene, disease prevention, basic agriculture, nutrition and critical medical care.

Using modern technology the BOKS can be carried in a pocket and taken from village to village powered only by the sun or a car battery.

The life-saving information contained in the BOKS program was designed to easily and inexpensively be translated, through contextual interpreters, into the mother tongue of any people group on earth.

Berin and Lisa Gilfillan, former missionaries to Nigeria, have developed BOKS in partnership with Brick Cliff, a veteran missionary to the Congo. Dr. Berin’s heartbeat, for close to 25 years, has been to combine media and missions in a culturally relevant way. His organization (ISOM.org) currently develops curriculum for use in more than 140 nations and in over 65 languages. BOKS combines medical and agricultural know how with cross cultural missionary understanding, translation techniques and media technology. The result is a revolutionary new tool, now literally on your fingertip, in any language in the world! Let us help you to get this vital teaching material to the needy in every nation where you work.